Back where you belong


Back where you belong
Right in the place where you first began
To breathe,
To sing,
To fill my imagination
And mix in my magic…
Back where you belong
In my thoughts,
In the old places
Where you played in the corners of my smile,
And sparkled in my eyes…
You had been missing for so long…
Welcome home.
dahlia holmes Tuesday morning 8:30 am November 11, 2014

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It rhymes with… you

I don’t want you to be a one night distraction,

You are worth more than one momentary attraction,

What you are is full on addiction,

A deep down pulling of all my attention.

Your mind has me reeling with this electric connection,

You words wrap my heart up in this art of creation,

I want you to have my full on attention,

And it pains me to know you are in another location,

But everything in me wants to bridge this division,

To hold you in this place of perfect adoration,

And make of this us a complete revelation.

-dahlia holmes Sunday, October 19th, 2014 7:15pm




Pouring it on in spades…
These emotions,
Got me wondering how and when,
Got me wishing for Now,
Got me remembering Then…
Heaped full of wanting,
Got me talking about loving,
Got me yearning for falling,
Got my mind and heart racing,
Got me Facing –
All kinds of mountains I am going to have to cross for you…
And me,
Not minding the journey through…
Got me straight tripping over you.
dahlia holmes
October 4, 2014    1:19am


Stuff you dig up when you are looking for other stuff….

A season in purgatory…             08/08/08

“Essays” on you.

i spent my morning washing my face…

Washing my face with tears,
an endless deluge to tears…

And now i sit here all cried out (for the moment),

numb (inside),
waiting patiently for the (rain).
                                           9:45 am


in a box on my desk lies my heart:

your key, our key.

my ring, your ring.

in tissue paper on a faux suede red paper, in a black box with a cool gold design and Korean words with lot numbers on the side.

                                      9:50 am

i sent a text to you, just now…

“No matter how bad your day, a belly rub makes it better.”

i could use a belly rub about now.

                                      9:56 am


i am going through the motions of my day now…

living on the remains of our conversations, you voice on the other side of the line.
waiting between the moments of silence for my heart to beat again.

                                      11:38 am


r u afraid of me?

right now, r u afraid 2 b with me?

right here, r u afraid 2 b u incase u hurts me more,


r u afraid to be u because u love me and that u scares u?


i am not afraid of u… whatever u means, or u r, or u could be or do.

i am not afraid of u, because i love you, and love and fear cannot coexist to(get)her.

the only thing i fear is no u with me, and no me with u, and no us together, and u and me apart.

                                      11:47 am


as you can no doubt see – i am using my time WHIZ-E-LY. roger always told me to be WHIZ-E, and pursue WHIZ-DUMB!

in my pursuit of this i pursued u.

                                      11:48 am


I am the one who walks, or drives the extra mile,

Who always tries to show up and be there no matter what.

I am the one who emails, texts and calls…just because, just in case…

Hey, I was thinking about you. Are you ok?

I am the one who goes out of the way,

Puts my life on hold,

Let’s your life hold sway…

I am the one who will find you in that dark place,

Drag you back limp or kicking into this place where light and love dwells,

Staying with you till you work through your personal hells…

Following you back when you slip, when you crack,

Holding on to you when it’s the will to fight you lack.

I am the one, who always picks up the phone at 1, 2 , 3 am

Rolls out of bed, packs on the clothes and goes to you again.

I am the designer driver, the hair hold backer, the “no, I can’t let you sleep just now.”

“Have some coffee and some toast it will make you feel better.”

I am the one, who when the friends walk out, I am still standing in the corner,

Waiting in the shadows for your hand to reach out, just in case you need me.

And after all these years, these nights, these tears, these fights, these hugs, these lungs that scream for you to


After all this,

It occurs to me that I am the one who misses you, I am not the one you miss.

dahlia holmes  November 18th, 2013 10:51 a.m. (Home)

A Prayer

For a love that never ends,

That grows strong with each new bend in the road life’s given us to travel.

For two hearts that still embrace,

The circumference of this place home is-

With each new addition made stronger.

For two souls so joined in the knowing,

That life means growing.

This is the prayer,

Make it truth God.



Come take my hand and walk with me for a moment in the moonlights echo,

And pause to dip your toes in the starlight’s overflow.

-dahlia holmes November 20, 1997 Tuesday