I breathe in poetry and speak in syncopated time….

dahliaholmes Laugh


This is me…

i live in the laugh,
live so hard it bursts out of me and sprays in drops all over the place.

i live so hard in pain,
that it pulls me to such depths of ache that my very marrow pools with it and it fuses with my cells.

i live so hard in love,
that once i’ve given it, there is NO coming back, NO second thoughts, NO oops – what have i done… just the pure unadulterated measure of acceptance that is not fickle or conditional.

i live so hard in joy,
that i grasp it with both hands, clinging like a spiderweb to all it’s faces, tearing when things cut at me, but not letting it go.

i walk hand in hand with mania and depression,
we are wed, inseparable it seems but
i DO NOT let it steal my laugh, my smile, my joy, my love, my pain…
my life from me.

dahliaholmes May 28, 2013 12:04 pm aconfessedmentalcase


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