i normally just post my canned description about me that i had to come up with for an artist bio. That won’t do anymore.

The saying is, “What you say about yourself defines you.”  I have been largely defined by my past then. What is the present me?

What do i look like? How do i feel? How does the air feel filling my lungs and pulsing through my arteries and veins?

Who am i?

Today i am not sure i can answer that question, but i have ideas, glimpses, moments of clarity.

i am me. i am dahlia and all the other names there are of me.

My name dahlia is said to be Swedish/Scandinavian in origin. The flower that has my name is the national flower of Mexico according to ehow.com. My flower is also filled with symbolism it says…

Dahlia Symbolism

  • The symbolic meaning of the dahlia in the Victorian language of flowers has survived. When given as a gift, the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever.


My friends say i am loyal. i have a dignity and elegance all my own but is that all there is to me?

i love forever. When i tell you i love you, it does not waver, does not change and does not lessen with time much to the annoyance of my other intimate relations. =) It seems they got the commitment and bond part right.

i used to be able to say i am your friend forever, and i am, but with age i have learned that some friends must be kept at a distance. It has been a painful lesson.

So these are things i know about me:

i am complex

i am abstract

i am beautiful

i am loyal

i am dignity

i am elegance

i am commitment

i am love

i am from the valley and i love the mountains

i am part sea

i am part wind

i am part spring

i am part winter

i am all autumn

i am of the stars

i am an artist

i am a poet

i am a singer

i am a lover

i am a mother

i am a child

i am a wife

i am a partner

i am

that is undeniable, irrefutable, irrepressible,  unapologetic, real.

Bienvenue, Welcome. Nice to make your acquaintance.



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