Emergence |

I want to take the time to wish you all the good that the year can bring, a life lived to the fullest each and everyday, and Sunrises, beautiful, breath giving sunrises, to greet you each morning.
I wish your heart sanctuary, where you and the all consuming can fellowship and commune together. I wish you safety within your soul, within your relationships, within your lives, and divine guidance for each step, and decision you make.
And for this year, and all the years to come, I wish you Enough: that in all things you will have what you need, and you will have enough to share, and so complete the circle.
May each breath you take this year be a testament to the strength of belief, the fortitude of purpose, and the wonder and might of love.
Let us not forget the truth that binds us all together…that we, against the ravages of time, the fickleness of memory, and strain of distance, have come through one more year together. With unimaginable possibilities this year for our friendship to grow, and our love to make a difference in the world. – dahlia holmes


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