Tilting my world on its axis,
Flipping my view around,
Changing this narrow perspective
Until I see wider ground…
Where my ideas are not so hemmed in,
My dreams are not so earth bound,
My horizon is deeper and broader,
And my voice can gain timbre and sound…
I am the game changer…
The life rearranger…
The herculean catalyst…
And I am taking my crown!

-dahliaholmes Wednesday,  March 18th, 2015 6:15pm


Stopping Time


I wish that I could stop time
And step in and out again
And back to you and me
And say hello again
That first time
That first hello
When my heart knew and didn’t tell you so…
I wish I could stop time
So I could let you know.

dahlia holmes
9:05 pm a rainy night in Brooklyn
Saturday 03.14.15 Pi day


What remains of a day….
The moments drifting by in gentle kisses,
The memories that stick to your mind and heart,
And color the ugly, the hard, the gritty, the mess ups with…

-dahlia holmes
Tuesday evening 4:10 pm March 3rd, 2015