In these moments,
i am resist – ing
the overwhelming urge
touch you…
– dahlia holmes
Sunday February 22nd, 2015
(It fought it’s way through the night to this page)



All these stories in me
Unwritten yearnings
Thoughts building through the moments
To that inevitable cloud burst
Falling freely at your feet


Confessions of a fur parent: Night Musings

There is nothing like lying here in the dark listening to the soft breathing of warm furry bodies who sigh and whimper in harmony as they wonder their way through dreamland; one soft paw, one head, one butt, resting on some part of me, in sleepy possession.


I like getting lost and finding you… And it isn’t about you finding me… And it isn’t about you wanting me… it’s about me waking up and finding you… coming alive when you come into view… crashing and burning and soaring and learning with only a memories fuel to power me. It is intoxicating.
Thursday November 13th, 2014 2:25pm


Just a cold and hollow shadow of myself staring back at me…
Reflections of a loss,
So deep that it would swallow me whole.

An echo, of an echo of myself
From a time long past…
That I grasp at furtively
wishing that it lasted
Longer than a whisper,
Deeper than a sigh,
Leaving me with the never answered…

– dahlia holmes
Friday, February 20th, 2015 2:47 pm