I write the darkness out of me
Because it is the safest way to bleed
– a dying dahlia
9:50am not that it matters much, but for posterity
So I can look back over the chaos
And say
At this moment 9:51am
I was here.

– dahlia holmes
A Rainy Thursday Morning in October



Fingertips against your skin
Shadows fusing as I trace the
contours of your peaks and valleys… The heat of my breath traveling Through the lowlands
Stirring the grasses of your plains
Like a gentle summer breeze…
Your tectonic plates moan and heave Beneath your surface
Arching your hills,
deepening your canyons
Cutting loose the dams that held your rivers back
Reopening your waterfalls
Drenching my waiting earth.


– dahlia holmes 19 hours ago….

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I do these things because I must,
These little politeness-es…
These moments of tolerance,
When all I want is to be left alone
Far from the interactions that make for polite society.

“How are you?”
“I am fine.”
I Am NOT fine…
I simply AM and would like to be
To wallow in my own misery.

-dahlia holmes Mon. Oct. 20th, 2014 7:12 am

It rhymes with… you

I don’t want you to be a one night distraction,

You are worth more than one momentary attraction,

What you are is full on addiction,

A deep down pulling of all my attention.

Your mind has me reeling with this electric connection,

You words wrap my heart up in this art of creation,

I want you to have my full on attention,

And it pains me to know you are in another location,

But everything in me wants to bridge this division,

To hold you in this place of perfect adoration,

And make of this us a complete revelation.

-dahlia holmes Sunday, October 19th, 2014 7:15pm


In a global community the issue is no longer that we lose sight of the forests for the trees. It is instead, that we have lost sight of the trees for forest.

The individual’s rights do not out weigh the rights of the many, but it shouldn’t weigh less. Balance is no longer sought. With terms like “Acceptable Losses”, “Casualties of War” we are being dismissed, and bartered away for the “Big Picture”.

I seek to find the small picture again. Open my mind while conversely narrowing my vision. Calling forth the powers of the element, of the atom, of the nano particle to remind me, to remind us, that the Forest and the Trees are ONE, NOT separate entities.

Instagram is my chosen tool.




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