I am the one who walks, or drives the extra mile,

Who always tries to show up and be there no matter what.

I am the one who emails, texts and calls…just because, just in case…

Hey, I was thinking about you. Are you ok?

I am the one who goes out of the way,

Puts my life on hold,

Let’s your life hold sway…

I am the one who will find you in that dark place,

Drag you back limp or kicking into this place where light and love dwells,

Staying with you till you work through your personal hells…

Following you back when you slip, when you crack,

Holding on to you when it’s the will to fight you lack.

I am the one, who always picks up the phone at 1, 2 , 3 am

Rolls out of bed, packs on the clothes and goes to you again.

I am the designer driver, the hair hold backer, the “no, I can’t let you sleep just now.”

“Have some coffee and some toast it will make you feel better.”

I am the one, who when the friends walk out, I am still standing in the corner,

Waiting in the shadows for your hand to reach out, just in case you need me.

And after all these years, these nights, these tears, these fights, these hugs, these lungs that scream for you to


After all this,

It occurs to me that I am the one who misses you, I am not the one you miss.

dahlia holmes  November 18th, 2013 10:51 a.m. (Home)


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