A Prayer

For a love that never ends,

That grows strong with each new bend in the road life’s given us to travel.

For two hearts that still embrace,

The circumference of this place home is-

With each new addition made stronger.

For two souls so joined in the knowing,

That life means growing.

This is the prayer,

Make it truth God.



Come take my hand and walk with me for a moment in the moonlights echo,

And pause to dip your toes in the starlight’s overflow.

-dahlia holmes November 20, 1997 Tuesday


Caught in passing…

I saw you today at Dalemabry and Columbus
You were driving a black Mercedes SLK 320 sports car with a super dark tint.
I saw you because you saw me first while you were talking on you cell phone.
You looked once, then twice, and I saw your head move out of the corner of my eye,
I turned and looked and there you were…
Just as beautiful as ever,
A little younger looking with the same laugh,
the same smile, and the same eyes that light up with recognition.
The light changed and we moved on,
Me stopping two cars ahead of you and just out of sight,
We kept up that almost seeing for four lights
then you were gone…
At Howard and Columbus, you seized your chance and zipped off through the traffic
while I turned left.

dahlia holmes 11/03/06

Things best left unsaid….

I don’t talk to you anymore,
Not because I don’t want to,
Not because I don’t pick up that phone and think at least once a day that I would like to say hello.
I don’t talk to you anymore because,
My mind hangs on to so much,
And my heart lets go of so little,
And my face echoes it all…
I don’t talk to you anymore,
because I love you
and that comes with reprocussions.

dahlia holmes 11/05/06